Nov 20 2023

What Do I Actually Want To Do?

I'm 22 years old

I have no clue what the next few years of my life will look like

If you asked me at 17 in high school I could've given you a roadmap... lol.

I don't plan more than 6 months into the future now. I know I'm going to camp at a National Park in January, Bolivia in March, and hopefully Europe next summer.

What the last year of my life has taught me was I don't know what I want to do. But I have a better inclination of what I don't want to do.

That's a topic for another day but it narrows things down a ton.

One day I want a family, community, and to create something that changes the world.

Do I know what that is yet? No

But I still focus on these things daily. In my current work, relationships, etc. I'm still doing things that satisfy myself on the path of who future Justin wants to be. It's a continuous journey of improvement.

So yeah, I don't know what I want to do.

But in doing things that I don't like is what clears my vision more. And sometimes that takes learning from those who have been through unfortunate situations to apply that to yourself and clear up your path